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The fall season of craft shows is swiftly approaching.  Making your own jewelry displays not only saves money but allows you to custom the displays to suit your small business.  Here are some stylish necklace display tutorials to inspire.

First up is that of Carol Deckle-Foss whose shield inspired tutorial is stunning with the right fabrics.

Kotomi Yamamura, a UK designer has a great pictorial on how to craft your own necklace displays.  Her first design is a larger version of the conical types usually seen for bracelets.  These are made from cardboard which are then covered with either fancy paper like mulberry paper or fabric.

Note that she uses a short section of a cardboard tube to raise the back end of the necklace display.

If you check out the later photos in that pictorial, you'll also see another style which Kotomi tackles. Aren't they beautifully done?

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  1. These are great ideas! The necklace displays are absolutely beautiful!!!


  2. Love these displays! I was thinking that the store bought few I have left are looking very ratty anyway, and sort of cliche.

    The only problem is, the displays upstage the beautiful jewelry!!

  3. I know many of us have spent small fortunes in ready made displays only to have them get soiled or broken after a short period of time. Displays are something that jewelry makers always have to be updated or revamped so this post is so truly relevant for us.

    The last photo of Kotomi's display pieces remind me of a bazaar in ancient Egypt, very attractive and original. Thank you for scouting out this information and posting it for our benefit. It is much appreciated. :)

  4. I agree that shop bought displays can get ratty after a while. Customized handmade ones are so much better and says much about the designer.

  5. Great ideas! I need some new photo props! Thanks: )

  6. What great finds! Thanks for passing them along.

  7. These are so pretty! Love the colors of Carol Deckle's displays. Love the cone too! It would be perfect for taking my photo's. Thanks for sharing your great finds.


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