One of the most venomous creatures in the world is the box jellyfish sometimes known as the sea wasp. Stings are extremely painful and sometimes fatal to humans.  They are almost transparent and hard to see.

One of my former Australian colleagues told me she remembers having to play by the sea shore fully clothed as a protection against stingers because their tentacles can't latch onto skin then.  Australian lifeguards wear light weight wetsuits called stinger suits!

Well, you don't have to take any protection with these jelly fish here!  These are a couple of fun jelly fish jewelry tutorials to try. The first one shown above are the earrings designed by reader Linda  Wilson over at her blog Poppy Go Lightly Bijoux.  It's made with metal clay and the tentacles move!

Jewelry and Polymer Clay Tutorial Heaven's jelly fish pendant in gunmetal and red is also a winner!

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