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Do you try and use your beading supplies in different ways?  Donna of This Year's Dozen does.  Her earring tutorial makes use of daisy spacers or metal rondelles in a totally different way!

Several of them are grouped together so they look like one large bead! She also used them as regular spacers.

Some years ago, a beginner beader at one of ours beading workshop did the same thing only by accident!  My copper spacers were bought in bulk and came strung on a piece of wire. Lynda hadn't realized they were all individual beads so she used them as a group. Doesn't this idea make for a great new look?

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  1. I actually think these wonderful little beads look prettier when they're grouped together. Their decorative edges seem to "click" together and forms a lovely texture that just one daisy spacer alone cannot accomplish.
    I've used daisy spacers grouped into small clusters between beads in a bracelet or necklace but find Donna's use of them in her earrings very clever and attractive.


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