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How to Make Terrarium Necklace Tutorials

I actually had a terrarium for a while which I made it from an old fish tank. But much smaller scaled terrarium jewelry is something I have yet to try. Here are some wonderful tutorial inspirations if you are up to it!

free jewelry making tutorial

Yuka Yoneda wrote up a DIY featuring just a real tiny plant inside a tiny glass blottle charm. She used a small seedling.  I recommend you do some research to find a suitable humidity-loving but small plant. Moss is a good bet. The tutorial lists where to get the bottle.

The trick with terrariums is to get a balanced environment. It might take regular openings to get rid of the excess moisture on the sides of the glass in the beginning.  Once stabilized, you can keep it closed and only water infrequently.

Ornamentea has a different spin on the idea. Their terrarium necklace tutorial will make a great gift for a passionate gardener!

free jewelry making tutorial

Don't fancy any live plants?  Then check out the polymer clay toadstool terrarium necklace tutorial by Mia.  She made it from a kit which is supplied by her good friend, Alyssa of The Utmost Jewelry on Etsy. Alyssa also sells the mini plastic bottles separately if you prefer to add different things to your creation. Happy Supplies on Etsy also has some lovely bottles.

free jewelry making tutorial

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  1. I have one bottle leftover from my Chithiram collection..would love to try this idea with toadstools out

  2. These are wonderful, what a great idea to carry a bit of real nature around with you all day. I love it! Thank you for this post.


  3. Yes, wearing a bit of green in the winter months will sure cheer us up!

  4. The mini-terrariums are precious but I think I'll leave them to those who are blessed with a green thumb. In the past I tried my hand with growing miniature plants inside of a bottle (a much larger bottle than these sweet little necklace pendants) but in the end all I ended up with was black soil and mold. Think I would have to stick to the cute little terrariums filled with faux mushrooms . . . or maybe something already dead and dehydrated.


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