Shambala bracelets are so popular these days.  I've featured just the single strand bracelet tutorials before. But more is better, right?  Check out this awesome 3 strand shambala bracelet tutorial from Too Cute Beads. It certainly does deliver on the more!

Like many other designers, the instructor used a clipboard to help hold on to the beginning cord ends and to do the knotting.  There is a great tip on how to glue and snip cord ends in preparation for stringing the beads.  I also like her tips on how to use extra binder clips when one has only a pair of hands. 

The finer cord knotting and use of crystals made the Charlotte's Web design distinctive.  But if you'd like to add more substance and change up the look to a more casual style, then try the next tutorial.

The video tutorial is from a Russian blog called The Magic Thread which caters to beginners.   You'll need Google Translate to read the rest of the blog. But you don't need to know any Russian to follow the video!  The instructor says it takes about 2 hours to make this. 

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