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A Smiley Wire Wrapped Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Quiet Lion on Cut Out and Keep was inspired by Anthropologie's Perched Harmony necklace enough to make her own to wear.  Instead of gemstones, she used glass beads. The tutorial is a good lesson for anyone wanting to try a bit of wire wrapping.

free jewelry making tutorial

I would use 18G wire for the foundation piece and hammer the ends well.  I also recommend a metal hole puncher - a very hand tool indeed to have for making holes where none existed before!

Believe me, it is a lot easier than making it double wired as I did for my own necklace below. There is also another less curved version in my shop which sold. The all in a row approach is a fairly common one. See link below.

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  1. I made something similar to the anthro necklace sometime back. I was fortunate to have the base plate (an extension of an old necklace) so I wire wrapped with brass wire big beads in the center followed by seed pearls at the sides of the beads and added a drop bead to it..yours give an ethereal feel with a sort of greek influence while mine looked Traditional Indian. I think its the interpretation that makes it is the link to the piece I made

  2. Yes, I agree that different versions do give a different look. Loved your piece - very rich looking with the greens and gold.

  3. Lovely pieces! Very nice wire work. Love all the different colors of beads. Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Pinning and sharing.


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