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Paper and Wire Jewelry by Taylor's Electric

Washington DC based Taylor Twigg of Taylor's Electric is entirely self-taught.  Jewelry making wasn't her original interest. But she wandered down the creativity path when she realized she preferred working with her hands rather than in academia.

Her hand sculptured jewelry style took many months to develop. It was certainly worth the effort because her amazing designs resemble stained glass work.  The soldered wire work beautifully frame pieces of meticulously sealed paper.

It's not surprising to learn that of all the natural inspirations she absorbs, "Sunlight behind leaves on a windy day is my personal kryptonite".  That play of light she so loves reminds me of English artist John M.W. Turner's fascination with light.

I had a great deal of trouble trying to choose just a few of her designs to feature! As for Taylor, she says, " My favorite piece is always my next piece."  She is clearly an artist to watch right now and in  the future!

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  1. In all honesty I am speechless !!! Taylor's work is indescribably beautiful. Indeed each piece looks like a work of art in either stained glass or intricate enamel work. Incredibly delicate in design and mesmerizing with its translucency. Taylor is indeed a jewelry artist extraordinaire.

  2. Taylor is extremely talented and I'm in love with her work, which is definitely a work of art.

  3. Wow! For a lover of Art Nouveau like myself, I am so excited to see these beautiful stained-glass-like jewelry pieces. I had to Pin them!!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful feature on my work, Pearl!

    Thank you so much to the commenters for their wonderful, encouraging words! As a solo artist working in my studio alone all day (and night, lol!), it's amazing to have such positive feedback, which encourages me to continue on my path. Thank you so much!


  5. Wow!!! Stunning! Taylor is a very talented artist. Her work is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


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