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More Macrame Bracelet Tutorials

Remember the really popular Shamballa square knotted macrame bracelet tutorials I wrote about?  Well, there are other styles to consider if you like square knotting and working with cord.

Quiet Lion Creations' double row beaded friendship bracelet tutorial makes use of these knots. The beads lie on the outside unlike the more usual and more popular kind as shown by her other tutorial.  The tutorial above was inspired by a Chan Luu version. Chan Luu has got to be one of the most admired designer!

I also love the square knotted bracelet tutorial posted by Erica over at Honestly...WTF. She used rings and other focals to really make the simple design pop!

Equally fun is I Spy DIY's square knot and chain bracelet tutorial.

Sherri Stokey over at Knot Just Macrame also has a pictorial for square knotted macrame bracelets with beads.

More time is required to make this macrame bracelet. The double ring acts as a closure rather like some belts. The tutorial is by How Did You Make This.

Got to make me some!

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  1. Love all these designs! Can't believe how attractive macrame can be. It was so ugly when I was a kid (I know because I made plant holders and purses. Can't believe I ever thought they were attractive!).

  2. I just started making leather wrapped bracelets, so I really enjoyed seeing this post showing the variety that can be made. Thank you!

  3. Yes, I also thought the macrame designs way back when were ugly. But modern designers show that there are ways of making them attractive for jewelry.

  4. Love! I just started making some of these and they're addictive!


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