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Combining Display Earring Cards with Business Cards

I've written about how to make your own upright earring cards for display before.  Fellow Canuck Sally Banks, whose grandfather comes from northern Nova Scotia, has an even better idea - she combines them with business cards!

It's a brilliant idea because her customers still get her business cards which don't detract from the displayed earrings. 

Vertical cards like these demonstrate how earrings hang.  I also like individual cards which highlight each pair rather than have several on a rack.  But I would reserve these individual vertical cards for more expensive pairs of earrings.

Please check Making Your Own Earring Cards where I show how I make free standing earring card displays and a featured tutorial by another designer who makes hers for stud earrings.

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  1. Displaying jewelry can be challenging and buying display items can be expensive. This post will show many that they no longer have to shell out money on those expensive, manufactured, plastic earring cards . . . which look so generic !

    I personally prefer to see a crafter use their own creative displays to showcase their work, it just looks more artistic that way. :)

  2. Great idea for displaying earrings! Too bad the cards aren't as thick as they used to be!

  3. Card stock is just fine because remember, it can't be too thick or it won't go through your printer!


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