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Easy Braided Leather Bracelet Tutorial

Braiding is easy to do for jewelry making  but it takes a good design to make a piece look like it was worth a great deal.  This braided leather bracelet tutorial (no longer available) by the Creativ Company does just that! It has a Celtic knotting look, doesn't it?

What really upped the ante for this piece is the sterling silver collier clasp.  The other thing to note about this tutorial is the enormous amount of leather apparently needed - 3 lengths each measuring 3 meters.  It seems a bit excessive, but then the bracelet is wide and the braiding does use up a lot of material.

Only one way to find out and that is to try it!

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  1. I didn't know they had an english website too. I've mentioned and pinned from their swedish website (it's a scandinavian company), but this would make it much easier when giving links to people who don't speak swedish. Thanks!

  2. Yes, I for one am always grateful when excellent designers also post English alternatives.

  3. Very nice!!
    I like the clasp because I'm looking for some nice fold over types, not necessarily in sterling silver...and they have them in their shop in Silver, the price made me gasp tho, lol.
    I have some nice quality Grecian leather, but it cost me $60 for 25 meters, so using 9 meters for a bracelet and then adding a nice clasp...ou-eee, but hey, I'd deserve to make myself something like this, lol

  4. I read this yesterday but got sidetracked by visiting Creativ Company's website to view their tutorial, which was wonderful. Then I became totally lost trying to find that lovely clasp in something other than sterling silver.
    Never found one. I doubt that my customers would be willing to pay me what it would take to make a woven leather bracelet like this, with a clasp made out of a big chunk of gorgeous solid, sterling silver. Wish I did have such customers. LOL

  5. Pearl this is one of the nicest projects! You post some of the neatest things.

    Like 'Almost Precious' says I too think a lot of Artists are struggling to get a fair value for what something is truly worth right now. I've heard a lot of people say that things have slowed tremendously in over the last year or two, although there are still people willing to spend...
    ...the majority of customers don't always see the quality of product and design, only the $$ figure on the tag and as a designer we are looking for ways to lower the cost of a design without cutting the quality, but mostly we only achieve this by cutting our pay for the amount of time we spend on something...

  6. Perhaps we should then concentrate on the customers who truly see the value of a handmade piece, eh?

  7. Yup!! lol. And there those that do value that.


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