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How to Make a Batternburg Lace Choker Tutorial

Battenberg lace is a type of tape lace with elaborately stitched connections.  It's popular for tablecloths and for wedding dresses.  Tape laces go back centuries but Battenberg lace was named in honor of the Duke of Battenberg, Queen Victoria's son-in-law.

This sturdy lace can be used in jewelry designs too. One of the loveliest examples is the Battenburg lace choker tutorial by Urban Threads.

The lace panel forms the foundation of the choker and can be finished off at the clasp end using ribbon clamps.  Additional elements like brooches, chains and crystals do add to the romantic design!

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  1. How interesting, I had no idea that sewing machines know how to make lace these days! I think I'll put that on my Christmas list!

    Ribbon clamps are a great tip. I've tatted some lace jewelry before but jump rings didn't seem like the right choice. Thanks Pearl!

  2. Beautiful!
    Can I just order one from you?

  3. I don't make them, Joy. I suggest you contact the designer to purchase one!


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