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Shotguns and Engagement Rings

A jewelry store in North Liberty, Iowa has sure taken the expression "shotgun weddings" seriously.  Their October promotion sees them offering a free Remington 870 shotgun with a purchase of an engagement ring worth at least $1,999!

The publicity stunt perhaps encourages couples to "jump the gun" and get married?  Along the lines of  a hunting gun for him and a diamond ring for her?  A bit of a lark for sure as the store owner intended. The free media attention didn't hurt either.

Even more amusing were the wisecrack comments following the news article :

"Better known as the mother-in-law package!"

"When the bride buys the wedding gown, she gets a chainsaw free!"

"No. When you buy a hunting license you get a free bridal gown."

"A real man would buy a cheaper diamond and a better gun."

"OR...take the $2000, buy 3 Remington 870s and stay single."

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  1. LOL ! Yes sometimes the comments are better reading than the actual article.
    Reminds me of all those old cartoons where the Hillbilly papa is standing behind the wedding couple holding a shotgun and the very nervous groom is standing beside his future wife whose in her wedding gown and about 9 months in the Family Way. :D


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