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Kawaii Polymer Clay Charms and Tutorials by Oborocharms

Cute sells.  Why?  Such things are endearing and bring smiles to our faces.  One polymer clay artisan who makes kawaii (Japanese for cute) charms is Kim Rountree of Oborocharms (link no longer works).  Another reason why I find them so adorable is they are perfect for holiday and other themes.

Kim offers her creations as charms for cell phones, key chains, buttons, rings, bracelets and necklaces.  As you can see from my picks her designs are geared for Halloween, back to school, Christmas, a social media maven and even a fun poison apple charm for a teacher!

Kim has also generously shared some wonderful tutorials over on Deviantart - she is known as  Oborochann there.  So if you fancy making some kawaii polymer charms of your own, head on over!  You need to click on the tutorial to zoom in. Cowabunga!

Octopus Charm Tutorial
Panda Charm Tutorial

Strawberry (or Apple) Charm Tutorial
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  1. The charms are adorable. And yes cute does sell. :)
    Cowabunga ? You are surely much too young to recall Howdy Doody, Chief Thunderthud and the peanut gallery ! LOL
    Sometime in the early 60's Cowabunga was resurrected by the surfers; Gidget and all that clan.
    Cowabunga Dude ! :D
    But if you're still too young for the Gidget crowd you may have picked it up from the Teenage, Mutant Ninja Turtles who adopted the exclamation in the 90's, :)


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