Making exact ring sizes can be tricky at times. That's why I like adjustable rings. They can be made to fit anyone. They are also ideal for recipients far away when fitting is not possible. So here are a few more to add to the list of adjustable wire wrapped ring tutorials I have found so far (links below).

Zoraida has an easy adjustable spiral ring tutorial (shown above) on her blog that's also pretty!

A little more ambitious is the triple spiral ring video tutorial by Agape Collection. It is in Italian but the visual instruction is pretty easy to follow.  The instructor had to secure the wire bundle in two locations since she was dealing with 3 lengths of wire. Consider using square wire with half round wire for wrapping. It will make things easier as well as give a different look.

Rena also has a single loop adjustable ring tutorial which allows for a monogrammed charm.

After I saw the above photo, it occurred to me that these rings are also great as napkin holders! Don't you love multi-use designs?

She also posted her easy folded wire ring tutorial not too long ago.  This one shows different ways to use your tools to bend or fold a piece of wire in half. Lots of possibilities!

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