Handmade jewelry is special.  So whether you make jewelry as gifts or sell them, consider making sweet little paper purse boxes for the recipients.  Jewelry items are small so these are just perfect to slip them into.  The purse boxes will also keep jewelry sets together. Or you could just use the boxes suitably blinged up from your bead collection as general gift boxes. (I'm all for using up stashes so we can buy more!)

Jeweled Paper Purse Box by Mel Stampz

The good news is you don't have to make them from scratch. Fellow Canadian, Mel has posted some awesome paper purse box templates on her blog, Mel Stampz, which you can print out. She provides two types of templates - with or without printed score lines.  She is so creative, there are tons of paper purses on her site including her top picks from the internet. I have chosen my favorites to showcase her work.

Simple Purse Box Template Tutorial by Mel Stampz
It's easy enough to print out her templateson white card stock paper. Note that you can use your printer to size the templates just the way you like it.  Then some, embossing, quick stamping or hot gluing of lace and other decorative such as , flat crystals, beads and filigrees, voila!  A lovely paper purse box for jewelry and other small items!

Note Top Purse Box Template by Mel Stampz
Mel does provide the liner templates for the inside of the boxes. If you like more pattern and color on the outside, I suggest you try to spray glue some pretty paper onto the cut out paper box and recut around the flat box before assembly.

Tall Paper Purse Box Template by Mel Stampz
This one is quite clever - no gluing involved and there is even an internal box.

Mel's Favorite Paper Handbag Template
A really easy one is her Bucket bag template. I like how she embellished the handles with stitched on beads!

Paper Bucket Bag by Mel Stampz

If you want tiny purse boxes, then check out this one :

Mini Purse Box Template by Mel Stampz
Have fun and get ready for oohs and aahs!

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