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How to Make Jewelry for Friends Who Sew

If you often make gifts for friends, you'll know they appreciate not just the gift but the thought behind it. So here are some "tailor-made" jewelry tutorials for sewing enthusiasts you may know! Some of these are functional jewelry to help them when they sew rather than for show.

Measuring TapeMindie over at Bacon Time With The Hungry Hungry Hippo made the above fun and funky measuring tape bracelet using folding ribbon ends.

SpoolsThis cute wooden mini-spool necklace was conceived by Mollie over at Wild Olive as a project for the younger set.  It's getting harder to get wooden spools these days though.

jewelry making tutorial

Laura over at the Wind and the Sail blog claims to spend 99% of her time either crafting or dreaming of crafting. At some point, she came up with is this adorable thimble pendant necklace tutorial.

jewelry making tutorial

The pins can be omitted as shown by Maize Hutton's How to make a flower thimble necklace.

jewelry making tutorial

Pin Cushions There are all sorts of pin cushion bracelets you could make and tons of tutorials out there for ideas. You know the kind I mean - those with ordinary sewing elastic for the bracelet portion or a fabric cuff with velcro. These are functional pieces as they serve to keep sewing pins handy when working on a project.

Kim over at the the Sew WE Quilt blog has a clever idea for a magnetic button ring (Update : link no longer works).  You don't have to worry about the pins falling off!

jewelry making tutorial

One excellent tutorial is the Flower Pin Cushion cuff by Keyka Lou.  I suggest substituting the button for a beaded focal.

jewelry making tutorial

A festive alternative is the wool felt Christmas tree pin cushion tutorial by Spool Sewing.  This tree can be decorated with beaded garlands for the extra special jeweler's touch! The extra large size allows for lots of pins and reduces the chances of accidental pokes.

jewelry making tutorial

Another tutorial which tickled my fancy and perhaps yours too is the Poke Me Pin Cushion by QueenMum on Instructables :

jewelry making tutorial

Some other creative ideas include the donut pin cushion bracelet (this one is not a tutorial) and the ladybird pin cushion made from fabric scraps.

No time? Then make smaller pin cushions using fabric scraps and  ring blanks. Prudent Baby's tutorial only takes 5 minutes!  Via

jewelry making tutorial

Last but not least, don't forget about  all sorts of sewing related charms including scissors and thimbles to attach to charm bracelets and necklaces.

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