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Recycled Leather Necklace Inspirations and Tutorial

It's one thing to reuse leather for jewelry designs but it is another to make it look stylish.  These two designers see possibilities even from footwear!

Kathy Thompson of Katalina Jewelry came up with 3  great recycled leather necklaces from sandals.  These 2 are my favorites.  Check out her original posts here and here.

Naomi of Noxcreare saw a very expensive leather necklace in an exhibition and thought she would have a go.  She never throws away anything potentially useful like broken leather boots!

Her simple pictorial shows how she made her recycled leather necklace. Her blog is in Italian so you will have to use Google Translate to read the post. Please note you cannot use this translator software to convert words which are in photos.

No old leather boots? Old leather jackets and skirts will also do.

Before You Go:
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  1. These are very lovely! The first one is my favorite. Very creative way to use leather in your designs. Thanks for sharing these lovely necklaces.

  2. What a beautiful necklace.Thank you for giving such an innovative use of recycled leather.


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