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Chain Jewelry for Hair Tutorials

Long hair to my everlasting regret, does not suit me.  So I can only look at these wonderful chain jewelry for hair tutorials.  They will be just the thing for up-dos especially with the holiday party season ahead.

Jenni over at I Spy DIY has a simple but effective tutorial using chain attached to hair combs. Debbie and I actually did something similar but with beads on elastic with one beginner at our workshops some years ago.

Try Kristin of The Beauty Department's tutorial for an asymmetrical look.  A bobby pin and a comb are used.  You could also experiment with just 2 bobby pins.  Consider linking the chains to a large jump ring which is then attached to the bobby pins. Other options include adding beads and crystals!

Party time!

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  1. Cant believe these are back in trend..OMG..I remember women (brides) doing up their hair with chains in late 90's and we all used to tease then for being tacky

  2. LOL! Yes, trends do come back, time and time again.

  3. BTW Body chains which is another trend is something that dates back centuries!

  4. The BEST trends always go round and round. Love this idea!!

  5. I think they look very pretty. But my long hair would end up tangled in those chains I fear.

  6. I guess this is best only with slick straight hair maybe? I can see chain getting tangled with curly hair more easily.


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