Swarovski margarita crystals are really pretty.  They are multi-facited flower with center holes. Why center holes?  That is because they were originally designed as sew on rhinestones for the fashion industry.  They are a bit more challenging for jewelry designs but worth the effort.

A reader, Dawn Horner of Northern Adornments designed and wrote up a fabulous earrings tutorial featuring margaritas.  It's a unique design taking full advantage of those center holes! Dawn used Christmas colors but you are certainly not limited to them.  I also chuckled at her name for her design, "Holiday Falsies"!

Another way to use margaritas is in the popular Christmas tree earrings design - see my past post on Christmas Tree Earrings Design Inspirations and Tutorials.

I've also used them in the rather differently as "flowers in a vase" - see my pendant and earrings designs in this post.

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