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Wire crochet with beads using single chain is a really easy way to get started. This technique only requires the addition of one bead with each chain and often just braiding 3 of these strands together.  But what if you want to do more than that?

Well, check out Camille's video on how to add bead focals to a wire crochet bracelet. Her tutorial shows how you can set the beads all in a row.  If you follow the link to the actual Youtube video, she has the crochet pattern in her video details section for you to copy and print.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I've just started trying wire crochet. And although I like the beads just being wherever, I'd also like to make it more focal/central in my piece. I'll check here video out.

  2. This is very beautiful. I have very sensitive skin, though, and wonder if it would be scratchy. Do you know if it's smooth or scratchy when it's all finished?

  3. If your skin is super sensitive, you might not like wire crochet jewelry. However, I suggest you give it a go anyway and see what your tolerance level is.

    However, if you do wire crochet bracelets with the 3 braided lengths technique, it shouldn't be a problem.

  4. Love the vid and have already made several. Except I keep going back to understand how to start. attaching the first row is tricky because there are only two spaces to build from... not three. It seems you've put the first and second stitch in the first hole. Is that right?

  5. Hi Christine -if you watch carefully, she does 2 double crochet in each space, making 4 in all. The bead is added between the first and and second double crochet.

    Freeze the frame when she shows the completed first row and you will see the bead is slightly to the right. It's a forgiving technique so it won't be obvious overall.

    If you prefer a more balanced bracelet, you could alternate the bead placement ie after the first dc, then the next time after the 3rd dc.

    Another option is to use a 4 loop clasp which means you have 3 spaces to work with.

    Hope this helps!


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