Amazing designers are always so inspiring, none so than Nicole Akong's mixed media statement jewelry which I featured before. Her distinctive and tribal inspired collections are so vivid that Erica over at Honestly...WTF came up with a simplified yet striking look.

Her tutorial requires a trip to the fabric store to pick up pom-poms. But other than that, chain, cord and jump rings are probably already in many jewelry crafter's collections. The jump rings cleverly hold everything together including the threading of the thick cord through all of them. Neato!

Also of a simpler construction but more laborious to do is the pom pom necklace tutorial by Emi over at Small Good Things. She had bought a long length of red pom pom tape hoping to decorate a shower curtain following a great idea she saw on Pinterest. Then she saw Nicole's pom pom necklace designs. One thing led to another and she now has a wonderful necklace for her winter wardrobe.

I also like this simplified woven chain pom pom by the dynamic duo, Ros and Juu over at Operation Overhaul.

Pom poms have indeed become trendy again and have been spotted in many craft and home decor projects. Just check out this beautiful board on Pinterest dedicated to pom poms and see what I mean!

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