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Bead Embellished Velvet Collar Necklace Tutorial

I like wearing plain shirts but I have in the past dressed them up a bit more with a brooch.  If I remember right, Lady Diana, the late Princess of Wales used to pin brooches across the collar fronts and started a trend in the 80's.

Well, here is another idea - attach a brooch to a strip of velvet which crisscrosses in the front!  Emi of  the Small Good Things wrote a tutorial which actually involves bead embroidering the "brooch" part from beads and rhinestones. The velvet strips attach to chains to go around the back.

Hers is her own take on a Pixie Market design.  Cool place to browse and shop by the way!

So would you bead embroider or just use a brooch?

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  1. I really like this. Very pretty.

  2. All the time that I looked at the photo I thought it was a brooch !
    Only when I went to Emi's site did I realize it was a faux brooch, done in bead embroidery.

    I like the look, very classical, very romantic and totally feminine.

  3. Me encanta, Maravilloso!!!!!


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