The time has flown. I can't believe it is exactly 6 years since I started this blog. The original purpose was to showcase the wonderful work of beginner beaders who attended our workshops.  Since then it has grown to be so much more - a place where I curate and write about the great tutorials and ideas shared by many generous designers, the inspirational work by innovative designers and anything jewelry related including my mini-biographical posts, now a reader favorite.

Birthday Necklace Tutorial by Maria Nerius
But a blog won't be much fun to write if it didn't have any readers or muses. So today's the day I thank everyone for taking the time to share and read.  For many of us, the internet probably is the only way to fully indulge our passion.  There is only so much our non-beading families and friends can take before rolling their eyes heavenward!

You don't have to go anywhere to get your latest bling fix - just a computer or mobile device and an internet service will do.  We can all "travel" the world to see all sorts of innovative designs and learn more about our favorite craft.

I didn't much like writing back in 2007 but over 2,500 posts later, I have discovered writing has become another creative pursuit for me.  It is hard and lonely work behind the scenes but I do enjoy the challenge. With the exception of a few guest posts, virtually all the posts have been written by me.

Writing is actually one of the smallest components of maintaining an active and growing blog - emails, moderating comments, editing, research, organizing giveaways, reading books, product reviews, webmaster roles, social media are just some of the other tasks which all take time.  Yes, there are some rewards. But I thought the graphic below hilariously sums up the effort bloggers put in which may not be apparent to readers !

Picture Source
I should point out to new readers that ads and affiliate programs help support my blog so it continues to grow and remain free for all to read. Readers who purchase on Amazon and Modahaus after clicking on my links earn me a small commission. 

I encourage readers to leave comments either on the blog or through my social media sites.  I then get to "meet" you and perhaps learn what you like about the blog. That's so I can do more of what you like! Your invaluable feedback is what guides my blogging journey.

Subscribing to my blog also means never missing a post.  Check out the instructions here about how to use easy feed readers if you prefer less email clutter. You will learn what those orange symbols mean and maybe impress your friends and family!

I also suggest either Pinterest or Evernote to save your favorite posts here and everywhere else into categories!

Enjoy these unusual Google search terms I spotted in my blog stats over the past year, some of which corresponded to actual blog posts. And yes, people still talk to Google like it was a real person!

this model was photoed wearing long fabric earrings that wrapped around her neck where did she get it?
cutting of ear by heavy hoop earring, bigger wire help yes or no?

beaded bulb cover 
grandma bracelets
lip stretch
princess diana piercing
bead weaving gothic
animal silhouette pierced (Animal Silhouette Jewelry)
most stretched ears (see See Through Stretch Piercings)
how to make a bird nest with 9 bead eggs (why nine?)
dead animal jewellery (see Real Road Kill Bangles by Lucy Jenkins)
chewable beads (see Safe Chewable Beads)
where to buy crystal connectors for swimsuits
the most pierced man in the world (see The World's Most Pierced Woman)

Piercing eyeballs (see JewelEye Piercing - Bling for Your Cornea)Not for the squeamish.

Here is to another year of blogging. Will you join me?
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