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Awesome Layered Zipper Bracelet Tutorial

I've covered various zipper jewelry tutorials before (see links below) but this one by  Craft and Fun is my current favorite. There are several reasons why I rave about this one. It is a layered design making it a wider bracelet. Swarovski bicone crystals don't hurt either!

But it was the designer's fortuitous observation that the teeth of zippers were "empty" that made this design possible. The spaces allow her to run her sewing needle easily through them .

I also like the fact that any length of zipper is fine. She doesn't use the zipper pull at all.  I envy her the large and ornate clam shell findings which finished off her bracelet!

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  1. Love the colors she uses on her site. Great idea!

  2. It is a unique version, puts a different spin on the old zipper bracelets and now I'll have to go look at my zippers as I never noticed that the teeth had spaces in them. Learn something everyday. :)

    Now if I could just find a source for those fantastic clam shell findings that she used. ;)


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