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Beaded Snowflake Tutorials for Jewelry Making

It's lovely to be inside a warm house and look out to a winter wonderland.  The snow - at least while it remains a pristine white - is pretty. Snowflakes even more snow. So it is of no surprise beaders love the motif. Here are some beaded versions to enjoy and convert into jewelry!

Beading fans will like the beaded snowflake design by Nancy Toney shown above

Making the snowflake 3D is sure different with this beaded design from

This beautifully produced beadanimation video tutorial also yields a snowflake design. The designer meant it for cell phone straps but it will work as earrings or a pendant.

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  1. Beautiful designs. I like the 3D design with the splash of color.

  2. Wow I just watched the video for the beaded Snowflake, what an awesome idea!!! Genius! So easy to follow, I will definitely try it. I wish I could create videos like that,it would make tutorials so much easier to explain. Great work, great idea. LOVE IT!

  3. I just finished making the Snowflake, and it is beautiful! The video is really easy to follow, and you can pause it anytime you want. The only issue I had with it is that it did not explain what kind of thread to use, and how many of each of the beads. At least I didn't see it. The thread I used is too soft,so the snowflake is not stiff enough. Pearl I would like to know if you have a suggestion to make, since I want the snowflake to retain its shape. Otherwise it's a great find.Thank you.

  4. Hi Vicky, Try using Fireline (my favorite) or even fine fishing line for extra rigidity. Fine wire is another possibility.

    Most of us have plenty of beads so just make sure you don't use some of a limited amount and that would do. Otherwise, you will have to go through the tutorial and count out yourself!

  5. I Love Jewelry because it is really cool

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  6. Pearl, I love the snowflake tutorial and the results are beautiful! I had a problem with the extensions, and believe I have figured out how to stiffen them up (after changing threading materials, even wire, and continuing to have a 'flopping' problem). In the video, at 3:30, pass the thread DOWN THRU 3RD bead (not up), then at 3:48, after passing thread through the round, pass it through the next seed bead and pull tight.... I hope this helps those experiencing a problem.... Nancy

  7. Hi Nancy, Thank you so much for pointing that out! You are so right that this will help others.


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