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eBook Review - Shapes- 25 Inspirational Designs in Polymer Clay

Helen Breil is an amazing polymer clay artisan whose work I have featured before.  Her recent architectural Shapes collection is stunning and distinctive.  She actually stumbled upon her shape making process when she started to play with the scraps of polymer clay leftover after cutting!
Open Window Polymer Clay Pendant
She has now published her first eBook sharing how she makes those masterpieces.  Helen sent me a sample of her 180 page book which you can also preview.

There are 5 design series in the book (shown below) each of which includes 4-6 projects making a total of 25 shapes for the books.  She also includes variations.  The instructions for the first project for an Open Window design is complete from start to finish. The remaining projects cover just the shape making part so the book is not repetitive.  They are a good starting point to learning her shape making process with enormous potential beyond that for the creative souls out there.

The ebook promises to be thorough. Helen covers all sorts of details like polymer clay basics and includes instructions on surface techniques to really make the shapes shine!  Her shape making process was also successfully tested by metal clay workers. A gallery of inspirational designs from a large bevy of polymer clay artisans using the shapes idea is at the end.

Just looking at her finished pieces is awe-inspiring!  A wonderful resource for clay workers for sure!   You can purchase the book through her website here.

I should also mention that Helen is a member of the Grand River Bead Society which I recently joined.

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  1. One more thing I've never tried! Looks like this book would be very helpful.

  2. When and where will this ebook be available? Thanks.

  3. It's already available. Just click on the link to her website!

  4. Thanks for the post, it looks like a very promising E-book to me, however I just attempted to use the link and was given a 404 error page not found message. It would be most helpful if the link could be updated please. Many thanks for your time and efforts.

  5. Hi, The link still works. Please try again. If it still happens - either clear your browser cache to retry or contact Helen Breil on her website.

    Hope this helps.

  6. The link to the book doesn't work for me either but with a little determination I followed the link to your other post about her and was able to find her site from there. Admittedly the long way around but it was worth it. I love her work.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! I was able to correct it. Yes, I love her work too!


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