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Recycled Wine Cork Jewelry Inspirations and Tutorial

Many of us enjoy drinking wine. But did you know you could also recycle the leftover bottle? One lamp work artisan I featured before upcycles the glass bottles into cool glass beads.  I've also come across several  clever artisans who slice up cork bottles and with a little of jewelry making magic, transform them into adornment.  Here are a few of my Etsy favorites.

Cat Ivins of Uncorked has a delightful array of recycled cork jewelry (above and below). She often decorates the cork in some way.  One example is her lack and white floral art wine cork pendant which goes beautifully with the rusraksha seeds and chain necklace.

The castle stamped cork charm adds a fun element to an otherwise plain bracelet.

Uncorked's Wine Cork Bracelet - The Royal Wedding
Lori of Shimmer Jewelry dyed the cork and combined the slices with Swarovski for her lovely earrings.

Kasey of GulfCoasters added color and whimsy with her polymer clay yellow tulip on cork earrings.

If you'd like to give it a whirl, here is a tutorial by Maya of Sewella.  She embroidered the edges of slices of wine bottle corks for the extra color punch.  She then connected several together for a necklace and bracelet.  I think they would make great lightweight earrings too.

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  1. Excellent ideas. I especially like the dyed cork earrings.

  2. Wow that`s fantastic ! I never would have thought that ordinary corks could be turned into something so beautiful . Thanks for sharing.

  3. Never thought to use cork in jewelry making, though it would make for very lightweight earrings. The black and white, floral painted, cork pendant is really eye catching.

    btw - I love not having to fight with those awful Captchas. I often found myself typing them in 3, 4 or even 5 times before "guessing" correctly. Hate to admit it but sometimes I gave up after the 3rd attempt.

  4. Yes, light is good as far as earrings are concerned! Don't know about everyone but I am inspired to collect a few corks and see!

    Glad you like the captcha off. But I must say the spam is dreadful!

  5. Wow, I love all of them! So clever and would be so much fun to make! Thanks for sharing. :)


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