Californian Annett Malone makes a variety of accessories on her Etsy store Ascot Handbags  - small purses and clutches, zippered pouches, necktie clips, hair clips besides jewelry.  Quite a range but they are all made from the same thing - vintage neck ties!

Unlike some jewelry artisans who work with whole ties, Annett uses the fabric to make buttons or cover metal cuffs. She takes full advantage of the colorful ties and the patterns found on them. 

Cuff bracelet embellished with Swarovski crystals
Annett says she has always been creative and crafty. She lost her job back in 2008 and struggled to find work. She loved handbags but couldn't justify buying any so she started making them. Things clicked when she decided to recycle men's ties. She opened her Etsy store and never looked back!

Who knew those bright and now unfashionable ties would have a second life as jewelry years and years later?

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