Stamping is a great way to add yet another "facet" to your jewelry making skills.  Judging from the responses to last week's ImpressArt Letter Stamp Set giveaway, many of you clearly agree!

One reader though left an awesome tip which I will share with everyone.  Mary Ann Helmond said "
I would see this set as being important for creating a signature tag for signing original jewelry designs. It is very important to sign your work. An oval tag allows space for your initials and the year could be stamped on the back."  Thanks, Mary!

Other readers pointed out that stamping can also be used on non-metals which can also take impressions.  Polymer clay and leather are just a couple of examples. There are indeed lots of uses of metal stamps. And soon, one incredibly lucky winner is going to be able to play with a marvelous set!

I numbered all the eligible entries - and there were a lot!  Then the random number generator over at picked the winning number which was assigned to luluvision! Congratulations!
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