Thank goodness for rhinestones.  These fake diamonds are so affordable. Definitely divine and perfect for jewelry. Erica over at Honestly...WTF thought so too. I really loved her woven chain collar necklace tutorial which features a length of large rhinestone chain.

She also created these easy macrame bracelets with rhinestones, big and small!  Just substitute the large ones with buttons if you prefer less sparkle.

This easy tutorial is by Erica Domesek over at PS I Made This. She used a pipe cleaner to wire the rhinestone buttons together but you could also use wire. Again this idea can be used with ordinary shanked buttons.

free jewelry making tutorial

Friendship bracelets become really elegant with the addition of rhinestone components.  Calli from the Oh That's You blog shows how.

Taking a different approach with the rhinestone-friendship bracelet idea is this lovely jewelry makeover project from Ren of All the Good Girls Go to Heaven.  The designer started with an inexpensive rhinestone necklace. The result is rather Indian style don't you think?

Allison of The Quiet Lion Creations came up with this unique macrame and rhinestone friendship ring tutorial. Joining the ends of the work is a little challenging! She used embroidery floss.

This easy cord wrapped rhinestone bracelet tutorial  by Elizabeth is Anthropologie inspired.  I liked it because it is a great makeover project for old bangles.  You can also go all the way around with the rhinestone chain as shown in this tutorial.

 Another variation is the color blocked version by Kirsten over at Studs and Pearls.

Take the same principle over to earrings!  Jenni of I Spy DIY did just that with her rhinestone hoop earrings tutorial.  The thread or string does add color to the earrings.  If you're not too keen on thread or cord, use wire!

Last but not least is the rhinestone braided necklace tutorial by Erin from Thanks, I Made It. She braided a lot of embroidery floss and embellished it with a rhinestone necklace - or is it the other way around?  It is a stunner whichever way you look at it!

There must be a run on rhinestone chains these days!

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