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Lampwork Bead Jelly Bracelet Tutorial

Many people like to make memory wire bracelets which are completely covered with beads.  Nothing wrong with that. But if you prefer just to showcase a few beads and add color to the unbeaded portion, colored tubing is the solution!

I've shown rubber tubing ideas before (see links below).  But the kind I and other people use has a rather small internal diameter so the overall effect is dainty. Plus the rubber tubing is usually cut up in order to sandwich beads and make them stay put.

So I was most intrigued when I came across Linda's awesome lampwork bead jelly bracelet tutorial on her Earthshine blog.  As a lampwork artisan, she needed a way of making simple bracelets so her customers could choose their own beads and just slip them on. It's an awesome tutorial because she shared not only how to make it but included supply sources too (some are in the UK).

The design is striking because she used much larger pvc tubing to great effect.  The design does resemble plain jelly bracelets which first became popular in the 80's. 

Who knew pvc tubing came in so many cool colors?  What holds the lampwork beads in place are little rubber o-rings on either side of the focal ones.  Yes, they come in cool colors too! Chain maille suppliers will have them.
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  1. Most excellent bracelets!!! I've seen the pvc frosted tubing in a larger mm size on some stuff. Does anyone know where to get it?

  2. Yes, over many months, but the thicker stuff is still a mystery. it's like 1/2" OD. Anyway, just thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone knew:))-a

  3. Julie, from Lush Lampwork (Link on my blog) does the frosted PVC tubing as does Itchydoo although you have to buy quite a large quantity from them.

  4. Thanks Linda, I saw they had the smaller stuff i'll see if they carry larger:)))-ann

  5. Thanks Pearl. I've been looking for tubing in colors. I'd love to find velvet tubing in more than tan or black because I think that would feel better on the skin than the pvc, but I'm gonna try the pvc.

  6. So pretty! I just bought some lampwork beads, so the timing is great.

  7. Itchydoo carry lots of sizes but they are not easy to buy from. They are based in Europe so I don't know what the postage costs would be.


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