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Winner of Bezelform's Engraved Mandrel Set

It's astonishing how many people out there really wanted Bezelform's mandrel set in last week's giveaway!  From beginners to experienced wire works - many felt they needed the help.  Like Dawn who said, "I have a problem getting my wraps in the right places even though I measure."

Well, it will be certainly useful for the lucky person who won the engraved mandrel set!  And I mean lucky as there was stiff competition.  There were over 300 entries including the extra ones!

I numbered all the eligible entries and consulted's random number generator.  The number picked matched that of the incredibly lucky Tammy Rousch!  Congratulations!
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  1. Congratulations Tammy. Enjoy.

  2. Thank you so much, I'm so excited :) Still jumping up and down!!!!!

  3. Hi Pearl,
    I got so excited when I saw you had quoted my post, I thought I had won!! Then I continued reading and saw I hadn't, but thanks for quoting me. maybe next time!! Also wanted to mention how much I love your blog.

    Congrats to Tammy!!

    Thank you for the opportunity for such an awesome giveaway!! I hope you and yours have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
    Dawn McCreary

  4. Didn't mean to get you over-excited, Dawn! But all the best for next time!


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