Many people who venture to make their first wire wrapped rings do so with just a single stone.  But by adding lots of crystals and beads, you can go on to design an easy wire wrapped cocktail ring!  Here are two ways to go about it.

The first tutorial is by the London Jewellery School.  The instructor does not use a continuous piece of wire to make the ring and add the embellishments.  You don't have to have a ring mandrel to make rings although they are handy for sizing.  Actually a uniform cylinder like a dowel in the right size might be easier to use because the wraps for the ring shank will be even - more so than with a tapered ring mandrel. 

The video tutorial uploaded by Riverstone Gallery has a different approach. The instructor uses just one length of wire. She is able to wrap each crystal or bead tightly around the ring shank because her ring mandrel has a channel in it.  If you don't have such a mandrel, you will have to remove the ring after the ring shank is formed.

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