Gauge earrings are so called after the size of wire gauges needed to progressively enlarge ear holes. These types of large hole earrings are not new - some cultures past and present wore such styles (see link below on stretched piercings)

polymer clay earrings tutorial

In recent years, the deliberately enlarged piercings has become a trend among younger people. Sometimes it`s not just the thick earrings but a round plug which fills the enlarged holes. The earrings are thus sometimes known as plug earrings.

But what if you don`t want to have permanently enlarged ear holes? Well, Hannah over at Cut Out and Keep has the perfect solution. She make faux gauge earrings from polymer clay! Her tutorial shows how she cleverly embedded the two parts of post earrings into the front and back designs.

I'm thinking her method will work for snake earrings (see link below) and other two part designs!

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