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Leather and Bead Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

Here is another fabulous tutorial for all you square knotting fans! There has been a lot of cord macrame bracelets but this one by Anette over at her Lebenslustiger blog is a little different for a number of reasons.

Her tutorial uses thick leather cord for starters.  Her beads are also angular which gives the design a different look than had she used round ones.  I particularly her second bracelet, the yellow one, where she added the beads to the side not centrally like it is commonly done. 

It's a good reminder to change designs up with different materials and different bead placements to come up with new looks!

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  1. I love those angular beads! Any idea where I could find them?

  2. Try scouring the websites of suppliers such Fire Mountain Gems, Art Beads, Rings and Things etc.


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