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Easy Bead and Swarovki Flower Necklace Tutorial

 Altogether now! SIGH.  It's been such a long winter.  It's technically spring soon and yet there is still snow on the ground for some of us. So let is cheer ourselves up with a super easy flower necklace tutorial while waiting for the snow to melt away.

The tutorial is by Sandra Schmidt. It is in German so either use Google Translate or just copy the URL in your Chrome browser.  And say yes to the translation!

These are just so simple to make.  You can make many of them in all different colors and then link them together with jump rings.  This uses up odd beads as well as allow you to work on the motifs whenever and wherever you find time.

What's more, the design looks great worn with a light summer dress!

Thanks to Angie Martin on Facebook for this tip!

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  1. Oh, so pretty. Looks easy too. I think I can figure it out without a translator. The pictures are very clear.

  2. This is so sweet, Pearl... the best ideas are the simple ones!

  3. I so agree. The pictures are explanation enough and simple ideas are often the best!

  4. Beautiful,light, airy,"SPRINGY" necklace! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Just one concern; maybe I'm just rough, but can the flowers really stay put by just threading last of wire back through bicones? no crimp bead needed?

  5. For added security, you could do some wrapping around the core wire after threading the wire back through the bicones. Does that make sense?


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