Blogs like mine publish posts via feeds (RSS) which can be sent to email subscribers or read with a feed reader.  Many people like the later because it reduces email clutter especially if they subscribe to many blogs - as I do.

Feedly in Chrome Browser
For years I recommended and used Google Reader but Google just announced they will drop this service by July 1.  So if you read my blog via Google Reader, it's time to look for another! Better yet, take your Google Reader subscriptions along with you while you can.

Why did they do it? Less than stellar adoption in the mainstream.  Competition, too.  There are more engaging ways to read content out there.  With declining usage, the tech giant decided to move their resources to other priorities.  There is a petition though by diehard fans who don't want to lose their favorite service. That might well be a lost cause.

More and more people are reading blogs via links in Facebook and Twitter.  There is some added value to social media as I not only direct my RSS feed for my Facebook and my Twitter communities, I also include all sorts of other things which don't make it to my blog. BTW Use lists to help you organize your Facebook or Twitter streams!

There are many RSS apps available for smartphones and tablets. Some of the more recent ones like Flipboard, Newsify and Feedly are simply beautiful - the blog feeds are displayed in a magazine like format. 

Newsify on iPhone
Or you can simply bookmark my blog URL on your smartphone/tablet:

If you prefer to check out your favorite blogs on the web, rest assured there are other free services too.  Some recommendations to check out in this post.

I am using Feedly (for web/iOS/Android) mainly because it's one of the services which links to my Google Reader account and according to them the transition will be seamless come July.  This is the easy way.  If you really want to do it the hard way, you can export your Google Reader info via Google Takeout.  Basic instructions here.

Google is doing some serious spring cleaning these days which might well affect blog subscribers including email subscribers.  So I shall be making some changes so you don't miss a post!  Stay tuned.

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