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Beaded Russian Leaf Earrings Tutorials

The Russian leaf is a lovely design to bead up as earrings.  If you are already an experienced beader, you'll love Beading4perfectionist's video tutorial for a gorgeous double Russian Leaf pair using peyote.  The gold and black make a beautiful combination.

Don't worry if you are just a beginner because the same instructor has provided a beginner video tutorial.  The earrings still look fabulous as shown below.  She used 2 colors (black and silver) to help with the tutorial.

The beginner video shown below is a step by step picture format as it is easier for beginners to follow.  But if you prefer a continuous video, click here.  Thanks Beading4perfectionist for taking the time to produce these videos! They sure help.

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  1. Both are wonderful tutorials. I love the colr combinations!

  2. These are beautiful! I don't suppose if you know any of these or similar that are in written tutorials? I am not a big fan of working from videos...but in this case I might make an exception! Either way, thanks for always finding fun and different ideas, I love when I see a message from Beading Gem's Journal in my email and I think it is the only blog that I never skip over.

  3. Try hitting the pause button or rewind. Video tutorials are great that you can do that many times!

    Or try Sharon Erwine's free static tutorial which is a solid version -

    Thanks so much for your kind comments. My blog is indeed for sparking creativity!


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