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Self Defense Jewelry? Spike Bead Necklace Tutorial

I've been "collecting" a theme of self defense jewelry (see unusual jewelry links below).  Perhaps not really seriously self defense jewelry but awesome nonetheless is the striking woven necklace tutorial by Carly over at Chic Steals.

She nailed the hard and edgy popular look that is still trending by using spike beads!

Even if you veer towards softer designs, her tutorial is still worth a look because of how she puts together the different components using wire and a bit of weaving.

I'd certainly try different beads if the rocker chick look is so not you!

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  1. I recently saw a clutch with spikes on one side which could actually be used for self defense. though that may not be the case with this necklace it certainly looks pretty attractive

  2. Hi Pearl! I follow your tutorials in Youtube and already subscribe to your blog now. Love what you do and hiw you explain, you have patient and art to do so!!

    I'm from Brazil and used to work with beads making keys chains and hangers.

    I'll try to make those bracelets with five rows, looks so charming!!

    Best regards!!

  3. I'm thinking you wouldn't want to fall asleep with that on!


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