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Repurposing Clothespin Wire for Jewelry and Personal Design Challenges

 All skills need practice to really hone them.  Our creative skills are no exception.  So if there were any sort of exercise to improve creative performance and increase our productivity, then we perhaps need to do some of  what Michelle does on her blog, Mich in LA.

I have featured Michelle before but I just had to share one of her recent posts to illustrate exactly what I mean.  Michelle is constantly taking ordinary household items and turning them into jewelry.  Sometimes it is impossible to guess what she used.

Her recent feature on how to repurpose the wire bits from clothespins is simply brilliant. I liked how she took advantage of the wire coil features in her designs.

Even if you don't like using unusual materials for making jewelry, challenging yourself is a good way to get out of a rut and out of your comfort zone.

Try isolating one or more items from your jewelry making stash and see if you can come up with a new design featuring them.  Personal design challenges are why I so enjoy doing product reviews when they come my way.

Another way to challenge yourself and exercise your creative muscle is to join bead swap events on blogs where participants exchange bead items and see what each person comes up with.

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  1. very cool. I think it's amazing how some people can look at something most of us would throw away & see something useful in it.

  2. Hey, Pearl! I love this post, and not only 'cause you featured me...heehee. No, what you are saying is so much of what I love about jewelry making and crafty creators in general - the desire to look closer, experiment and make something from nothing. Thanks so much for the thoughtful post! You are such a gem.

  3. You are a shining example of how to be creative that's why I featured you! Keep on creating!


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