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Rainy Day Jewelry Inspirations and Tutorials

April showers do inspire even though it's too wet to do anything outside! So let's have a look at this collection of my favorite rainy day jewelry designs from a bunch of extremely creative Etsy artisans!

Natalie Knott of NIK Jewelry created the above spectacular layered Silver Rain Clouds Necklace using sterling silver and oxidized copper.

I also loved Heidi Cain of Passion Flower's delightful shrink plastic and chain interpretation. She also sells matching earrings.

Solen of Presk Solen's ingenious Peter Pan collar style leather necklace is definitely inspired by a cloud's billowy silhouette. The rain drop cutouts are a nice touch. See link below for Peter Pan necklace tutorials.

If you don't want it to rain on your parade, then you'll need an umbrella.  This colorful beaded umbrella by AmaltheaCph does encourage bright smiles!

Inspired?  Here are a couple of tutorials to get you started.  The rain cloud motif is a pretty popular one.  If you are not into metal or shrink plastic, check out Sandra's plastic and paper Mod Podge version on Cut Out and Keep.

If you are into felt, then the raincloud brooch by Laura Howard over at Bugs and Fishes will definitely inspire you!

I also liked Brenda Sue (BSue Boutiques)'s vintage style  Rainy Day jewelry set featuring flat back crystals.

Writing this post also made me look up Youtube for Barbara Streisand's awesome song Don't Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl (1968). Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Pearl Loved the ideas and the reference to Funny Girl. Loved that movie when I saw it at the show I was 11 or 12 years old and I cried because they really loved each other but couldn't be happy together and then my dad bought me the program at the theater and I cried some more when I found out this was based on real peoples lives. I wish I still had the program. Recently I caught a sequel on tv which I had never seen with Omar Shariff and Babs. I love that song Don't Rain On My Parade!!

  2. Yes, it is a fabulous song. I do enjoy listening to Barbara Streisand -great voice.

    Funny Girl took some liberties with her history!

  3. Love the jewelry. And I have never seen this play and it is really a nice song! thank you for posting this.


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