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Whimsical Wirewrapped Pendants by Louise Goodchild

Jewelry designs can tell a story.  One artisan who does a remarkable job of making wire wrapped pendants which do so is British artisan, Louise Goodchild on Etsy.

Louise's creations are made from colored craft wire and seed beads.   She also works in solid metal but it is her love for color brings forth her wonderful whimsical designs.  She says, "..often an idea pops into my head and I use wire to illustrate it, in all the colors of the rainbow."

The above baby turtle is "swimming amidst the seaweed above an ocean shelf." Perhaps it is looking for its siblings? The enchanting underwater pendant below is not for sale - it was something Louise made for herself! But it does show her love for the sea!  I wonder if those silver bubbles mean there is a deep sea diver below?

Her goddess design pendant was a commissioned design.  It  made wonder if she might be an angry and vengeful sort as her hair is wildly glorious!

Her innovative tree pendants are a delight to behold. One of my favorites is the sunset tree. Memories of a wonderful holiday perhaps?

The spider was busy spinning a web on the Last Day of Summer pendant!

Louise titled this woven flower piece on her Flickr set, "All because of the ladybird" because she just had to use her ladybird beads!

I also loved her charming Garden Arbor pendant.

Louise's designs are not just charming but truly one of a kind. They certainly put a smile on my face!

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  1. Wow, these are so creative----stunning!!

  2. I love these! Thanks for showing them. When I was a child, I used to make flowers by winding copper wire round my maths compass point. I'm really pleased to find out that that was a legitimate occupation!

  3. Louise is one very imaginative and talented lady. Love each and every one of her pendants shown on your blog. I will definitely visit her etsy shop.

    GOLLY - I just realized that your comment box now has auto spell check correction - I had mistyped "definitely" and it corrected the word before my very eyes - how neat ! :) Of course it cannot do much about the word etsy which is always underscored as misspelled. :D

  4. Those are beautiful little bead paintings!!

  5. Wow, her talent is amazing! A true artist!

  6. Louise's wonderful creations are a reflection of her marvelous self. So great to see her beautiful work featured here!

  7. Louise has been an inspiration to me for years. She is extremely talented and produces such excellent work. I just wish she lived closer to teach some classes for us.

  8. Aw, thank you all so much for the humbling comments! And thank you, Pearl, for including me on your fabulous blog - I really appreciate it. :)

  9. I'm always happy to see Louise's work, every piece she makes is amazing! I honestly couldn't pick a favourite :)

  10. Those pendants are freaking awesome! What a talent!

  11. An amazing artist...I wish I had a quarter of your imagination...i just love these pieces


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