Barbara Cameron just couldn't help herself when she saw last week's giveaway from Goody Beads.  She said, "Free beads? GOODY!"  Probably echoing everyone's sentiments as those Regaliz™ clasps just wowed.  The single hook clasp in particular.

Aims also made me chuckle when she commented, "I've always wondered how they got the name Goody Beads. I think I just figured it out though. I think they were sitting around the table one night drinking tea and trying to come up with the name and they had a pile of sparkly beads in the middle of the table. Someone reached into the pile and said' "Oh Goody! Beads!"  It's probably close to the truth and they do have some great supplies!

Those bracelets I made certainly does change perceptions that as Cindy said, "...pretty is not what I think of when thinking leather! Usually more like black, Harleys and bikers." These bracelets can be made to look masculine or feminine.

Yes, the clasps are on the expensive side but where you save tremendously is in the time and labor.  These bracelets would make awesome gifts recipients will love.

I numbered all the eligible entries and consulted the random number generator over at The winning number was assigned to Pat Buchanan!  Congratulations.
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