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Handpainted Faux Feather Earrings by LoveSexton

Love feathers but you'd rather not wear the real ones which tickle?  Then you will surely fall for the hand painted faux leather earrings by Lovesexton on Etsy.

The beautifully painted earrings are a runaway success for Tokara, who is based in Minneapolis. As you can well imagine, the designs do take time to cut, sew and paint.  But the results are stunning!

Some of her designs like the bright neon earrings above show her eye for bold colors and patterns.  One very pretty and popular design is the Bowie - pink neon, turquoise and white with silver glitter and a Swarovski crystal.

Her Girl on Fire earrings will surely please Hunger Games fans!

These are certainly statement earrings sure to capture attention!

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  1. They are lovely. Delicate and beautiful!

  2. You accidentally called them "Leather" earrings, so I was expecting something else, but these Faux Feather earrings are Fantastically Fabulous!

  3. Well spotted Ruth! Thanks for the nudge. I have corrected the title.

  4. How very clever of Tokara her "feathers" are beautiful and imaginative. I just pray that she won't have problems with copy-cats that duplicate her designs and have them knocked off in some 3rd world sweat shop, so they can sell them for pennies. Unfortunately that happens a lot on Etsy. :(


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