One of my favorite beaders out there is Bee Jang who lives in Bangkok.  Her actual name is Piratchada Thongra-ar - Bee Jang is her nickname and far easier to remember!  Some of you may already have come across her blog, BeeJang's LiveJournal which is dedicated to teaching beading to anyone who wants to learn.  Many of the featured projects use crystals and are rated for skill level. So here are my favorites.

The Crystal Donut Thai Style bracelet tutorial (shown above) is a lot of work but worth it as it is gorgeous with plenty of potential for different color combinations. 

Another stunner is her Flower Spiral crystal bracelet.

She also explained crystal bezels are common in Thailand. Beaders use the technique to bead around a holy artifact like a Buddha. She said it took her 2 attempts before she got her tutorial right! Another beauty.

She managed to get a polymer clay artisan to make flowers in the size she wanted and to add the side hole she needed for this lovely Floral Elegance Motif ring.

The little crystal birds will make adorable charms or pendants.

Bee Jang spends some 30-35 hours a week beading! Her mother was the one who started teaching her how to bead. But once she got the basics, she learned through books.  She has a couple of Etsy stores, one for tutorials and one for beads.

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