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Brooch Embellished Bracelet Tutorials

Brooches are coming back in vogue but sometimes not as they were intended.  You know, as pins for jackets and blouses.  Designers are incorporating them instead into necklaces and bracelets.  Here are some examples of brooch embellished and beaded focal bracelet tutorials based on wrapped (somehow) metal bracelet blanks.

Alison over at Petit Elefant inherited a boxful of brooches from her mother and grandmother. She wanted to wear them but in a modern way.  She used ribbon and a metal bracelet blank as the foundation for adding a single focal brooch as shown above!

Lisa Kettell of the Faerie Enchantment blog had so much fun decorating her skin leather covered bracelet that she couldn't decide on which one was best among the brooches, shoe clips and clip on earrings she had.  Her bracelet design tutorial shows how interchangeable it is!

Another example of the same sort of idea is Bev's of Flamingo Toes' rich velvet tutorial which actually used a framed cabochon.

Why stop there?  A beaded cabochon instead of a brooch perhaps if you are beader.  The possibilities are endless! 

If you'd rather wear brooches as part of necklaces, please check my post on How to Make Convertible Brooch Pendants.

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  1. I've started to do this, too! My only concern is that all those elaborate brooches are going to get caught on EVERYTHING and rip off! Aaarrgh.

  2. It depends on the wearer I guess. I would save these bracelets for special occasions as they are quite dressy.

  3. Love this post, thank you for including me in it. As for brooches getting caught, try flat inset rhinestone brooches (smoother faces) or enamel inlay brooches in place of the big elaborate ones.


  4. Good tip, Lisa! And thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  5. Clever way to glam up a simple cuff bracelet. I adore Alison's version, very posh and sophisticated. The other cuffs are great too, just bolder,brighter and with a bit of zing to them.


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