Put your hand up if you're so not into soldering!  Many people aren't keen perhaps because they don't like the idea of hot connections.  However, this technique is definitely useful as it could help you expand your jewelry making repertoire.

This video really intrigued me.  Firstly because it demonstrates the use of low temperature solder which comes not as a wire but as a paste.  Secondly, the instructor uses just a butane lighter - you know the kind that you use to light barbeques and birthday candles.  The butane lighter is ubiquitous in most households so it does save on having to buy a soldering iron.

This is probably the easiest soldering technique to start with.  The low temperature solder will work with brass, bronze, stainless steel and nickel.  It will not work for other metals like silver which needs higher temperatures.  But you have to admit, it's okay to start practicing with cheaper metals like brass.

Hat tip to reader Jacqueline Marchant for letting me know about this video.

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