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How to Make Tube Bracelet Displays Tutorials

Admit it. Sometimes our jewelry boxes or drawers are messy.  It's not only a huge time waster trying to find the piece you want to wear for the day, the jumbled up jewelry could get damaged as you rummage and pull away.

So that's why I thought Savannah and Casey's DIY tutorial for a recycled cardboard box and roll bangle organizer  using paper towel tubes was clever.

Their solution was not just cost effective but innovative as the tubes can be easily removed to access the bracelets. You can decorate the box and tubes in any way you like.  Shelf liners might be an option.  Remember though to make sure the box you chose will fit into your drawer or shelf. Tubes can be trimmed to size.

Tube bracelet displays are also very handy for jewelry artisans who sell at craft shows.  The bracelets are shown in very much the way they are worn.

You could buy these - I have a triple tiered one which looks like this. It was a bought one and quite frankly, I find black is not a good color for jewelry display.

However, Sue Runyon shared a clever idea of how to make a tube bracelet display (shown above) from a mailing tube. These tubes are quite hardy and can be cut down to any length you want.  They also come with ready made end caps. The resulting tubes will look good on well presented craft tables.

I particularly like her choice of white Dupioni silk.  Not only does it give the display a luxury look, the lighter color also brings out the hues of her jewelry designs.  Black tends to dull a lot of jewelry I find.

If you know a wood worker, you could also make a double or triple tiered version if you could get a wooden holder made. This commercial item gives you an idea of what I mean.

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  1. Pearl, I agree with you about black display pieces, there are few pieces that seem to look really good on them.

    I think this idea of using paper towel tubes to store bangle bracelets on is awesome. One thing that I am compulsive/obsessive about is the storing of my handcrafted jewelry. I would see some jewelry makers fish out a wad of tangled up necklaces, chains, bracelets and earrings that they had thrown altogether into one big box and I would cringe. If one takes the time to create a lovely piece of jewelry, they should also take the time to carefully store it.

  2. cool..I usually use old water filter tubes (from RO units) to photograph bangles and bracelets and since they are used ones, they are in a dull brown aka skin color

  3. VERY clever idea indeed!! I think I'm going to have to give it a try.


  4. Leftover reverse osmosis tubes is brilliant, Divya!!

  5. I so agree with the comment about taking the time to take care of a hand crafted piece of jewelry!


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