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Creative souls sure know how to save money!  Making your own beading looms is one way as you can see from these tutorials. All you need is a suitable box!

Using a loom sure speeds up beaded bracelet making. The above super design by Ren of All The Good Girls Go to Heaven blog was created using a tissue box loom! Her tutorial shows you how to make a box work.

Many boxes of roughly the right length will work.  The box loom tutorial by Aysha of The Creative Muslimah blog shows a wider spacing for the slits.  These should easily accommodate larger beads if you are in a hurry!

What if you want to make a long piece like for a beaded belt?  Check out the inkle loom tutorial by fellow Canadian JacQueline on her Hearts on Fibre blog.  It's really meant for weaving.  But the idea could work for beaders if you are willing to experiment.

The tutorials here are not about how to finish loomed bracelets just how to make them. Perhaps another time?

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  1. This makes me not want to do housework today and go play with cardboard boxes and beads instead!! Guess that I'll just have to exercise restraint and wait until my kitchen is cleaned to go play though. Thanks for the awesome links, you're so great!! Have a blessed day!!

  2. I must say that the inkle loom is very sophisticated for a cardboard and paper towel tubes loom. Now all she needs to do is figure out how to computerize it. :)

  3. Wow! Wish I could make that. Mine would probably fall to pieces though! Thanks!


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