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How to Shorten or Lengthen Necklaces Quickly with Ribbon

Long necklaces are wonderful to wear but there is no reason why you are stuck wearing them like that.  Grab some ribbon and go short!  Erica Domesek of PS I Made This has an easy solution to convert 3 pearl necklaces into a much shorter statement necklace with a brooch accent.

The beauty of this quick fix is it's not permanent. You could also color coordinate the ribbon at the back to match any outfit.

The ribbon trick can also be applied in reverse to temporarily lengthen a necklace.  Misty McFadden over at the 413 Sparrow Lane blog shares the how-to (Update : Link no longer works)  and shows off a number of makeover designs using her existing necklaces.

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  1. I love the idea of being able to change jewelry without deconstructing it. It's great to be able to take one piece and wear it in many different ways. Ages ago I tried my hand at being a Sarah Coventry sales associate, I loved how versatile their pieces were - matching bracelets and necklaces could be hooked together to form a longer necklace. Brooches could be used as pendants, Opera length necklaces could serve as belts or be wrapped about the neck several times to create a lush multi-strand look. And back then clip-on earrings were very common, they were lovely as earrings but made wonderful shoe clips too.

  2. Great post as usual! Really love the lengthening trick.

  3. Versatility is the key! I guess one could take apart the pieces and restring but those are permanent moves.

  4. I agree - versatility is key - I'm sure most people have no idea how to wear a piece of jewelry more than one way. Awesome info!


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